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FREE Public Lecture By Dr. Alfried Längle

  • Block Hall, Neufeld Science Centre, Trinity Western University Langly, BC (map)

Nobody sees me! – On the Pain of Hysteria

Existential Dynamics and Therapy of Histrionic Disorder

Hysteria is widespread. It can infect whole societies, but also  individual persons – children and adults – and can bring on exaggerated  reactions or even physical illnesses. Although it may manifest itself  somatically, we are actually dealing with an unbearable emotional suffering that is so well hidden that it can hardly be detected from the  outside. This is the reason for why hysteria appears ridiculous, which  in turn only increases its suffering. The heart of hysterical  suffering turns around the fact that persons with hysteria are lost inwardly in their pain and are insufficiently seen by others. This  presentation will elaborate on the origins of hysteria and will explain its emergence within normal human development. Different forms of  hysteria will be introduced briefly. Following this, treatment  guidelines for dealing with hysterical behaviour will be elaborated. Although there is a focus on the suffering and illness of hysteria, this  disorder – which frequently leaves us feeling helpless and confused –  ultimately can offer interesting and exciting insights into the human psyche.

Date: 15 February, 2018

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Cost: FREE

Location: Block Hall, Neufeld Science Centre, Trinity Western University,

Langely, B.C.