Existencia: Journal on Existential Analysis


Bilingual Inter-American Publication

Last year, Existential Analysis collaborators from Chile, Argentina, Mexico, and Canada successfully launched a bilingual inter-American publication that features brief articles and book reviews in both Spanish and English, and extended articles appearing in their original language with a translated abstract.

Existencia (ISSN 0719-8671) is freely accessible via www.icae.cl. 

Links to the first few bilingual issues are below:

LATEST ISSUE: EXISTENCIA Nº 26, El hallazgo al encontrarte/Discovering you, January 2019

Call for Papers!

Existencia invites submissions of the following types: (a) brief articles (1500 words max), (b) book or film reviews (1500 word max), and (c) full articles (20-25 pages double spaced, with references).  For 2018, we welcome submissions pertaining to any EA topic.  Have you been reflecting on a particular theme of EA?  Would you like to offer your reflections for dialogue within the EA community?  Please consider writing an article for Existencia!

The readership of Existencia is intended to included others from the EA institutes and societies particularly in Chile, Argentina, Mexico, and Canada, as well as professionals outside of the EA community.  We require authors to be trained in Existential Analysis or to be formally enrolled in a current training cohort.