Who is Existential Analysis Canada?


The Existential Analysis Society of Canada, affiliate of the GLE-International (see below), is a scholarly and professional group of individuals who are or have undertaken the psychotherapeutic and/or counselling training through the GLE International. The purposes of the Society are:

• to serve the general public by facilitating the accessibility of Existential-Analytical Counselling and Psychotherapy which is based on existential philosophy and phenomenology

• to promote the research and practical application of Existential-Analytical Counselling and Psychotherapy to public institutions, scientific circles, and associations

• to provide professional education and training in Existential-Analytical Counselling and Psychotherapy in courses run according to the rules and regulations defined by the society

• to foster Existential-Analytical Counselling and Psychotherapy by seeking interdisciplinary cooperation and by encouraging personal contact among its members

Our Mission

The Existential Analysis Society of Canada is a non-profit, scholarly, and professional association that aspires to guide persons to experience inner freedom, to facilitate authentic decisions, and to foster a truly responsible way of dealing with life and the world.


EA Canada envisions a world in which each person chooses to say ‘yes’ to life.

Existential Analysis is primarily a phenomenological approach to counselling and psychotherapy, and may be applied in a variety of disciplines:

  • Education

  • Leadership

  • Coaching

  • Social Work

  • Human Services

  • Spiritual / Pastoral Care

  • Health Services

EAC Training - Existential Analysis Canada
EAC Group Shot - Existential Analysis Canada


GLE: The International Society for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis


The International Society for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis – Vienna (Gesellschaft für Logotherapie und Existenzanalyse – Wien, GLE-International) is a non-profit, scientific association. Its aim is to further develop and make known the existential-analytical anthropology and its application in psychotherapy, education, ministry, social work, industry, work place and management.

The GLE-International is an umbrella association of all the national psychotherapeutic associations which offer training in accordance with the GLE’s principles and which see themselves as national representatives of the GLE-International. The founding members are the three German-speaking associations of Austria, Germany and Switzerland. According to the statutes, their chairpersons are automatically members of the board of the GLE-International. The rest of the board is elected by the delegates of the member associations.

The GLE-International was founded in 2002 as the legal umbrella association (registered in Austria). The GLE-International is a member of:

  • the International Society for Psychotherapy (IFP)

  • the European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP)

  • the International Society of Depth Psychology

  • the Martin-Heidegger Society