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Authentic Living Workshops - Workshop 2

These workshops are based on an existential-analytical approach to therapy based on the works of Viktor Frankl and expanded by Dr. Alfried Laengle.

We will be offering a series of 10 workshops in Fall-Spring 2018/19 intended for personal and professional growth. Feel free to take one or join us for all ten.

Workshop 3: Finding Our Place in this World Through Protection, Space and Support

Exploring our sense of home/homeland

Dialoging with themes of protection, space, and support

Coming to a greater sense of where we are in life and the potential pressures and anxieties or fears that come in


Workshop 2: 17 November 2018

All workshops are offered on Saturdays from 10am - 4 pm


Trinity Western House, Langley, BC


 $100/$75 Students

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