Fall 2018 Newsletter Highlights


Update from the Existential Analysis Canada Board


Dear EA Canada Members and Friends,

I hope that this message finds you well. I am writing to you on a beautiful southern BC morning. It’s foggy out, with the sun trying to make an appearance and warm us all a bit. But this morning it feels good to be alive; I hope that this is true for you also.

As you can perhaps tell from my opening lines, this morning I find myself in an energetic and positive mood. In particular, I am feeling moved and grateful for the tradition in which I am privileged to work – existential and phenomenological psychotherapy and philosophy. What a rich, varied and beautiful tradition from which we can draw for our work and our own lives.

This morning, I am particularly grateful that our tradition has something meaningful and truly unique to say about what is currently occupying me – our emotions. This is not something to take for granted; many traditions in psychotherapy and philosophy see emotions as epiphenomenal, that is, rather secondary and accompanying experiences that are at best illusory, something to be managed, or at worst nuisance and something to be suppressed and controlled. By contrast, Existential Analysis and existential phenomenology have come to understand emotions quite differently. Emotions are worth paying attention to. They transmit important and even crucial information about our lives and our worlds, and are essential to our decision-making. They are worthy of our investigation, understanding and even trust (for those of you who read German, take a look at this 2003 article on precisely this topic by Alfried Längle - http://www.webaholics.at/userfile/doc/Kann-ich-mich-auf-mein-Gefuehl-verlassen-2003.pdf). Emotions, help us to pay to attention to where we are being moved, where life is flowing in us…




A new Existential Analysis (EA) training cohort will begin on May 2-4, 2019, in the Fraser Valley (Langley, BC). If you would like to join this cohort, please ensure that you have taken the required introductory seminars or register for the introductory seminar listed below. We also invite you to attend the two free talks on EA in September and November as well as the info session about the EA training on January 11, 2019. While the talks will take place on the campus of Trinity Western University, all of the activities are solely sponsored by EA Canada…


These workshops are based on an existential-analytical approach to therapy based on the works of Viktor Frankl and expanded by Dr. Alfried Laengle.

We will be offering a series of 10 workshops in Fall-Spring 2018/19 intended for personal and professional growth. Feel free to take one or join us for all ten.


Inter-American Journal on Existential Analysis

Last year, Existential Analysis collaborators from Chile, Argentina, Mexico, and Canada successfully launched a bilingual inter-American publication that features brief articles and book reviews in both Spanish and English, and extended articles appearing in their original language with a translated abstract. Existencia (ISSN 0719-8671) is freely accessible via www.icae.cl. Links to the first few bilingual issues are linked here.

Existential Humanistic Conference

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Alfried Langle

Our colleagues at the The Existential-Humanistic Institute(EHI) are honored to have Alfried Längle join them as this year's Keynote Speaker and Guest Presenter at the 10th EHI Conference. The conference promises to be a dynamic, interactive group discussion hosted by EHI's Kirk Schneider, Nader Shabahangi, Sonja Saltman, Orah Krug, Mary Madrigal, Troy Piwowarski, Doug Silberstein with Special Guest Dr. Längle.

Date: 30 November - 1 December, 2018

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