EA Cohort 5 Begins in September 2017

The fifth Existential Analysis Training Cohort will begin on September 15-16, 2017, in Vancouver and there is still space available to join even if you have yet to do the required introductory workshops. If you want to start with Cohort 5, you can complete the introductory workshops after the first training weekend provided you participate in a compulsory interview before the training starts.


16-17 September, 2017 – EA Cohort 5 Begins
30-1 September/October, 2017 – Introductory Workshop A
22-23 October, 2017 – Introductory Workshop B
5 November, 2017 – Intro Workshop C
2-3 December, 2017 – EA Cohort 5 Continues


Cohort 5 Training Costs: $135/day (Professional) $90/day (Students)
Introductory Workshop Costs: $120/day (Professional) $80/day (Students)

To express your interest or for further details, please contact the trainers: Mihaela Launeanu (mihaela.s.launeanu@gmail.com  or 778-707-5360) Kari-Ann Thor (existentialanalysis@icloud.com or 604-253-5450).

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Join our Intro Seminar in Calgary, AB. August 18 – 20, 2017. (Poster)

We will be offering a 3-day Intro. Seminar to Existential Analysis in Calgary, Alberta in August. The seminar will be lead by Rochelle Chapman (Existential Analyst).

Location: Calgary, AB.

Dates: August 18 – 20, 2017
Facilitators: Rochelle Chapman (counselling@rochellechapman.com)
Cost: $370 (professional) and $250 (student). Earlybird rate (before August 1) $330 (professional) and $220 (student).


First EA training in Ontario

Join our Intro Seminar in Ottawa, ON
June16-18, 2017

We will be offering a 3-day Intro. Seminar to Existential Analysis in Ottawa, Ontario. The seminar will be lead by Existential Analysts Rochelle Chapman and Barbara El Mubarak.

Location: St. Paul University Campus, 223 Main St, Ottawa, Ontario, (Room TBD)

Dates: June 16-18, 2017
Facilitators: Rochelle Chapman (counselling@rochellechapman.com) Barbara EL Mubarak (barbara@eacounselling.ca)
Cost: $390 (professional) and $270 (student). Early bird rate: (before May 12) $360 (professional) and $240 (student).
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Existencia: The Inter-American Journal of Existential Analysis

Dear Friends of EA,

Can I be in this world?  Do I feel prepared for it?  Do I perceive in myself and in the world around me the essential conditions (space, protection, and support) for trust?  We invite you to review the current issue of our journal Existencia – the first Spanish English bilingual edition – to be able to reflect from different angles on this theme which is so deeply existential and at the same time, so commonplace.

This first issue of Existencia: The Inter-American Journal of Existential Analysis, is an international extension of the previous publication issued by the Chilean GLE affiliate, ICAE, and marks a new chapter of bilingual collaboration among the Existential Analytic societies and institutes in North and South America.  Short articles appear in Spanish and English and the abstracts of longer articles (one per issue) are translated from their original language.

Cordial Greetings,

The Editorial Team

Public Lecture
By Dr. Alfried Längle


The Splendid Loneliness:
Exploring social and intrapsychic perspectives on Narcissism

Some people feel different: they feel that they deserve special treatment and are deeply convinced of their own superiority, uniqueness, or splendor. They desire exclusivity and suffer from the inferiority of their surroundings. They are convinced about being the best and they are never at fault.

The crucial thing in this: they are forced to feel this way; no discussion is possible. Criticism is devastating and deflected. Nobody can really reach them; they are not personally present but constantly occupied with managing their self-image.

Behind this socially highly-interactive personality with its arrogance and abusive dynamic stands an empty person who cannot really be him or herself. Without access to oneself they are lost and lonely in the world and often don’t even know it. Others feel it more than them; the others suffer. How can these people be helped, why are they so, and what is their problem?


Date: 20 April, 2017
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Location: Cullen Family Lecture Theatre, St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver, B.C. (Click here for map)



Please join us at our AGM to review the year, plan for the future, and elect board members.

All are welcome to attend. However, only full-members will be entitled to vote on matters.

Pizza will be provided!



Date: Thursday, March 2, 2017
Time: 18:00
Place: Trinity Western University, 7600 Glover Rd, Langley, BC, V2Y 1Y1 (Click here for map). Exact venue to be confirmed.

For further information please email: echen@willfilminds.ca





This two-day seminar is for individuals looking for:

– Professional Development geared towards Existential Psychotherapy and/or

– A Gateway to the Official Training Program to become an Existential Counsellor/Analyst under the EA Society of Canada – Affiliate of GLE International

– Topics explored in the Intro. are: Existential Analysis as psychotherapy, living with inner consent, and the structural model of Existential Analyalis or the ‘Grammar of Existence’.

For additional information please click here to see our poster.

What: Intro. to Existential Analysis
When: February 25-26 & 19 April, 2017
Cost: $240 (Professionals)/$160 (Students) per 2-day seminar
Contact: Kari-Ann Thor (existentialanalysis@icloud.com) or 604-253-5450

LECTURE by Dr. Alfried Längle

Aggression: drive, necessity, or bad character?
How to understand and deal with it in an existential way.

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Click here to read our latest newsletter.


Join the Next Training Cohort which is will begin in September 2016 or January 2017. (Poster)

Cohort 5 is in the process of being developed and will be lead by Mihaela Launeanu & Käri-Ann Thor. Cohort 5 will potentially begin in September 2016 or January 2017. The next introductory seminars,, will be hosted in April and June, 2016. Each intro covers a special theme and both seminars are pre-requisites for the EA training to become an Existential Counsellor or Analyst, but can be taken in any order.

Enroll in our upcoming our two 2-Day Intros:

The 2-day seminars are ideal for individuals looking for:
Professional Development geared towards Existential Psychotherapy
A Gateway to the Official Training Program for becoming an Existential Counsellor/Analyst under the EA Society of Canada (affiliate of GLE-International)

Dates: April 2-3, 2016 (Intro A) & June 25-26, 2016 (Intro B)
Facilitators: Mihaela Launeanu, Käri-Ann Thor
Cost: $240 (professional rate) and $160 (student rate)

For info and registration, contact: Käri-Ann 604-253-5450 or kalthors@mac.com

Existential Summit
Finding Oneself in the Historically Rich City of Vienna

This Existential Summit focuses on the prerequisites and processes for getting better access to the real self and to enhance one’s authenticity and strengthen one’s self-worth. The Summit is organized by Dr. Alfried Längle and Dr. Leslee Brown, who is also offering to facilitate a package tour along with the Summit Seminars. Please refer to the registration link below for various options, costs, and CEU credits.

Dates: May 8-15, 2016
Location: Vienna, Austria
Registration: https://mbp2015mbp.leadpages.co/existential-summit-finding-oneself/

Authentic Living Workshops

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We are offering 13 different 1-day workshops which are suitable for professional development for anyone training or working in the helping/healing/health fields.  The purpose is to learn more about oneself through an existential lens as well as how to apply an existential conceptualization to one’s work with clients. Participants can also take the workshops solely for personal development (short phone intake required).   Join us for two of the themes this spring.

Sundays, 1030am-430pm

April 12, 2015 – “Being in the World”: Beginning of Existential Freedom through Endurance & Acceptance

May 24, 2015 – “Finding our Place” in the World: Through Protection, Space, and Support

Location: East Vancouver

Contact: Tanya Kliefoth at blueskycounselingvancouver@gmail.com

Seminar Fee is: $60 students $70 professionals